The Vapor Vault is Ogden's one stop shop for all of your e-cigarette needs. We pride ourselves on our outstanding Customer Service, great prices and a warm friendly atmosphere.
Our Mission:
We are striving to create ex-smokers by providing a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. Electronic Cigarettes have been proven to be 300% more effective than any other method of helping people quit. Join the vaping revolution and throw away your cigarettes forever!  
Our Store:
As if great Customer Service and Quality Products were not enough, our store is large, warm and inviting to provide you with a pleasant experience. Add to that a convenient location with plenty of parking and you will be sure to make The Vapor Vault your source for all of your vaping needs!
Our Products:
We have a wide variety of e-cigarettes and accessories to accommodate everyone from beginners to the hard core Vaper! Our custom made e-juice is locally hand crafted with FDA approved, food grade products to ensure your vaping experience is an enjoyable one! 
Do you know where your juice is made? Is it made in a food grade facility? Is it made with Quality Manufacturing Practices and high quality food grade ingredients? Is it mixed and bottled in someones kitchen or garage? Can your juice supplier make fresh juice for you any way you like it with 100's of flavor choices WHILE YOU WAIT? How about refills on your favorite bottles of juice? 

For now, the FDA has posed few restrictions (thus far) on e-liquid so every Tom Dick and Harry thinks they can shake up their own bottle and sell it to the public (sometimes illegally) out of their house or online. Even worse, some of these people are even selling to other retailers. You could be buying this kind of juice from your local retailer under the premise that it has been manufactured correctly. 

Don't be afraid to ask about the juice you are buying and if they can't tell you much about it, don't buy it! Come on down to The Vapor Vault and try out our Custom Made Juice crafted right on site in our Juice Lab. We also wholesale and supply several other Vape Shops with plenty of Quality Made e-Juice.